Procedures for Grow Lamp Replacement

We recommend following the steps below for grow lamp replacement:

  1. Disconnect power to the ballast during grow lamp replacement. Removing/installing a lamp into a powered ballast can cause ballast and/or lamp failure, and is a safety hazard. Always remove power from the ballast before performing any maintenance.
  2. Remove and replace the suspected bad lamp with a known working lamp.
  3. If the lamp is cool, it should start immediately. If it does not ignite, allow 2 minutes for the ballast to attempt to restrike the lamp.
  4. If the lamp does not ignite, power down the ballast and attempt another known working lamp. This reduces the possibility of component-level incompatibility due to manufacturing tolerances of the lamp and/or ballast.
  5. If both lamps fail to ignite, the assumption is that the ballast has failed and requires replacement.


  • Never remove a lamp when ballast is receiving power.
  • Never have a powered ballast without a lamp inserted in the socket.