LED Grow Lights in an indoor research facility.


PARsource horticultural LED grow lighting is used in a variety of research settings. Our research facility grow lights are found in private, public, and government institutions doing great work. Whether researching next-generation hybrids, disease/pest control, or enhanced cultivation techniques, our LED lighting allows researchers to do their work year-round in a greenhouse or indoor growth chamber. Multiple crop cycles per year make for shorter data collection cycles and faster validation of testing.

Our lighting is and can be used to grow potatoes, tomatoes, corn, grain, and other light-intensive crops. When it comes to research facility grow lights, it can be a spring day on any day of the year in your cultivation environment. Work does not need to stop when the days grow short and cold. Depending on the crop and research, PARsource LED grow lights can cut your research schedule by half or more.

Horticultural research done by the USDA, universities, and Fortune 500 companies improves our plant resources and quality of life. For three decades, PARsource has been proud to work with such organizations and make a more bountiful harvest for all of us.  

Beyond lighting, PARsource offers a range of products such as hydroponic trays, pumps, benches, and media that can round out your cultivation requirements, whether you’re farming indoors or in a greenhouse. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.