Professional LED Grow Light: PHOTOBIO MX

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MX Mechanical attachments

680W 100-277V S4 Spectrum with iLOC

Extraordinary performance. Extreme efficiency. Exacting design.

Our professional LED grow light, the PHOTOBIO MX changes everything. We took a step back, evaluated all the fixtures on the market, and then set out to do things entirely differently. The result is a 680W fixture delivering 15% more light to your canopy, using 35% less power than a 1000W DE fixture. Increase yields while driving down operational costs. The spectrum was developed in a private research laboratory to drive flower yield and elicit market-desirable traits in short-day resin-producing crops.

PHOTOBIO MX abandons the bar style concept in favor of a more efficient contiguous circuit board to deliver unparalleled PPFD uniformity to the canopy. Extensive thermal modeling and testing were conducted to ensure diodes remain well below the operating temperature to maintain consistent light output and yields. 0-10V PHOTO LOC Light Output Control allows you to precisely regulate the amount of light delivered to your plant canopy when paired with the available Autopilot PX Series controller.

The iLOC Integrated Light Output Control onboard dimming knob also allows the grower to adjust the photon output intensity to accommodate the various stages of plant growth for optimal photosynthesis activation. With the knob adjusted to 100% using 240V, the MX uses 664W and puts out 1768 μmol/s photon flux (PPF). With the knob adjusted to 40%, the MX uses 270W and puts out 40% of the photon flux.  The high-efficiency S4 spectrum does not change when using the dimmer knob and still provides the ideal red-to-blue ratio for vigorous growth and maximized flower development.

PHOTOBIO MX professional LED grow light is designed for the serious horticultural professional looking to increase business sustainability by reducing power consumption while simultaneously improving crop performance and yield.  The PHOTOBIO MX is also a qualified product listed with DLC, which makes the fixture eligible for energy rebates for further cost savings while also saving significant energy while optimizing plant growth and health.

Professional Grow Light Features:

  • 1768+ µmol/s Photon flux @ 277V 
  • 2.6 μmol per joule efficacy @ 277V 
  • iLOC Integrated Light Output Control allows manual adjustment of light output
  • Settings are 40%-55%-70%-85%-100%-PX Control
  • Driver can be mounted remote
  • 5 year warranty
  • Robust commercial design keeps LED’s running cool
  • Precisely control photon output when paired with Autopilot PX controller (PX2 and above)
  • Slim design maximizes vertical growing space with remote capable driver
  • 100-277V Driver range
  • IP65 wet location rated protection against water and dust
  • Includes PHOTO•LOC signal cable
  • Includes a voltage specific power cable

TO L90
PTB7680LS41S40–10V680W10′ W/ 5-15P2.6 UMOL/J120°IP6547.5LB100–277V>50,000 HR
PTB7680LS42S40–10V680W10′ W/ 6-15P2.6 UMOL/J120°IP6547.5LB100–277V>50,000 HR
PTB7680LS43S40–10V680W10′ W/ L7-15P2.6 UMOL/J120°IP6547.5LB100–277V>50,000 HR
PTB7680LS44S40–10V680W10′ W/ L7-20P2.6 UMOL/J120°IP6547.5LB100–277V>50,000 HR
PTB7680LS47S40–10V680W10’W/ 3 WIRE2.6 UMOL/J120°IP6547.5LB100–277V>50,000 HR
PTB7680LS4XS40–10V680WNO CORD2.6 UMOL/J120°IP6547.5LB100–277V>50,000 HR

Professional Grow Light Accessories

The PHOTOBIO MX professional LED grow light can be controlled through a 0-10V analog signal from your master greenhouse controller, through use of our inexpensive APDX2 Controller or independently through the onboard dimming control.

CHE1063000W10′ F 16AWG WT w/
leads, Harness
CHE1063010W10′ F 16AWG WT
110–120V Plug, 5-15P,
CHE1063015W10′ F 16AWG WT
208–240V Plug, 6-15P,
CHE1083020W10′ F 18AWG WT 277V,
L7-15P, Harness
APDPX2Autopilot PX2 Advanced Lighting Controller