Ebb & Flow Trays

ebb and flow trays

Ebb & Flow trays (also known as sub Irrigation Benches, and Flood Benches) have been in use in greenhouses for at least 90 years. Our polystyrene benchtops are molded with a network of drainage channels that serve several purposes. First, as the bench is flooding, they allow the water to flow evenly throughout the entire surface of the bench and rise simultaneously over the entire bench surface, evenly watering all plants on the bench. Likewise, when the bench has finished its irrigation cycle, the entire bench surface drains evenly, and the system of drainage grooves in the bench surface allows water to drain completely from all the plants so that no plants are sitting in standing water. Innovative Growers Equipment Ebb & Flow benches are great growing structures for all horticulture plants.

Our custom ebb & flow trays can be used as replacement trays in existing benches, or to convert existing benches into modern Ebb and Flow sub-irrigation benches.

Our partners at Innovative Growers Equipment stand behind all the products they manufacture, sell and install. They follow very strict quality control guidelines to ensure the customer gets an outstanding product each time.