Horticulture Education

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Horticulture Education

The academic calendar, lesson plans and the seasons do not always align. That’s where your greenhouse and PARsource lights come together. Our horticultural lighting allows students to grow floral crops when the days are short,  learn about tropical plants in the dead of winter and harvest food crops all year long. 

PARsource lighting fixtures are used in many types of educational settings. From the local high school greenhouse to top tier university horticultural programs our fixtures help light the way for both plants and students.  For the past three decades, we have designed lighting solutions and provided cutting edge technology that assists with year-round cultivation and teaching in CEA environments.

Our lighting systems have found homes at Clemson University, Oklahoma State University and Cornell University to name a few. However, our lighting systems also provide an affordable option for local community colleges, independent school districts and other types of academic programs.  Beyond lighting, we offer an array of trays, benches, pumps and more that help to make your greenhouse teaching a productive experience for students of all ages.

Whether working directly with your institution or through your existing vendor partnerships, we provide consultation and design recommendations that meet your requirements, goals and budget. Please inquire with PARsource for more information.