Commercial Growing

Commercial CEA Growers produce ornamental and food crops continuously or at pre-determined harvest intervals to meet customers’ needs and anticipated market demand. Whether growing in a greenhouse or indoor vertical farm, PARsource horticultural lighting is a key component of hitting harvest volume and dates. For flower growers or tomato farmers, our greenhouse LED grow lights and industrial LED grow lights help to ensure your crops get what they need, including enhanced quality and weight. 

Greenhouse growers regulate their environment to make it more optimal for their crops. However, lighting is sometimes ignored. Depending on location, as the days grow shorter and the sun dips lower to the horizon, a greenhouse in winter may only get a third of the light or less versus what it gets in the summer. This can leave crops in a warm, cozy environment, but production will be unacceptable due to the light deficit. This is where PARsource greenhouse LED grow lights make the difference for your business.

For indoor farms, lighting is a must year-round. Our industrial LED grow lights solutions are a popular choice for both single-tier and vertical farm operations. We have “lit the way” for NFT Lettuce farms, herb growers, and specialty cultivators for many years. If you are thinking about an indoor farm then contact PARsource to discuss options and the specifics of your project.

Beyond lighting, PARsource offers a range of products such as hydroponic trays, pumps, benches, and media that can round out your cultivation requirements, whether you’re farming indoors or in a greenhouse. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.