About PARsource

Our History

PARsource has three decades of experience in the horticultural lighting industry. Our plant lighting systems are a key component for any Controlled Environmental Agriculture operation whether in a greenhouse or indoor farm. Our offerings include advanced PHOTOBIO LED grow lights, as well as Phantom DE HID grow lights (HPS and MH) and CMH grow lights. In addition, we offer a range of other growing supplies applicable to your CEA operation.

PARsource Innovations

Since 1991, our lighting solutions have been used by commercial growers, universities, and researchers. Our in-house staff works with industry lighting experts to develop and apply new technologies from concept to finished product.  As a result, PARsource offers some of the most advanced and efficient systems available.


PARsource’s parent company, Hydrofarm, Inc., has been in business since 1977 supplying plant lighting, hydroponic equipment, media, nutrients, and more to growers big and small. Hydrofarm manufactures and distributes its offerings across North America and beyond. With multiple warehouse distribution centers in North America, PARsource and Hydrofarm have the historical and logistical reach that commercial growers require.

The PARsource Difference

PARsource provides customized lighting layouts that calculate and illustrate your greenhouse needs based on your unique structure, crop, and region. The result is an efficient, professional light design that is easy to comprehend, achieves your required PAR value, and minimizes costs while maximizing results. We combine your lighting design with our systems and technical support to provide you with a best-fit solution for your facility.  At PARsource, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every installation we sell meets or exceeds your expectations for quality and performance.


PARsource sells high-quality wholesale commercial products through a variety of distribution channels. If you need assistance with sourcing our products, or if you are interested in becoming a PARsource Distributor please contact us at sales@parsource.com.