PARsource is proud to support the advancement of horticultural professionals around the globe. Our lighting experts work with research companies, educational institutions and commercial horticulturalists to meet their demanding needs while maintaining the highest standards for sustainability, efficiency and conservation.

PARsource provides customized lighting layouts that calculate and illustrate your greenhouse needs based on your unique structure, crop and region. The result is an efficient, professional light design that achieves your required PAR value and minimizes costs while maximizing results. We combine your lighting design with our lighting systems and technical support to provide you with a best fit solution for your facility.  At PARsource, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every installation we sell meets or exceeds your expectations for quality and performance.

In addition to lighting solutions, through our family of companies under the Hydrofarm banner, we offer a range of products for your growing needs. Media, nutrients, trays/benching and more are all available for your Controlled Environmental Agriculture project.

Lighting Solutions for universities, commercial growers and researcher facilities since 1991. Our in-house staff works with industry lighting experts to develop and apply new technologies from concept to finished product.  As a result, PARsource offers some of the most advanced and efficient systems in the market.

Learn more about how PARsource indoor lighting solutions can improve your yield and  plant quality while lowering your cost of doing business!