PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast


October 1, 2015

Company Name

PARsource Lighting Solutions

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2249 S. McDowell Ext., Petaluma, CA 94954

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Alyssa Conder









Product Name

PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast

PARsource Announces the Release of the PARsouce Commercial Electronic Ballast

Petaluma, CA October 1, 2015

PARsource Lighting Solutions of Petaluma, CA announces the arrival of their new PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast. The new 1000W/277V is equipped with the cutting edge technology of smart light indicators for ease of maintenance, and diagnostics and provides higher lumen output with greater energy efficiency than magnetic ballasts.  For use with both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, this flexible ballast operate silently, can be run as an attached or remote system, and features a 2-year warranty. Coming soon in multiple wattages, PARsource continually improves its products to meet growers needs.