Excerpted from Greenhouse Management

Anne-Marie Hardie, author

Although the lighting is primarily supplemental, George Sant & Sons needs to have equipment in place that is dependable… They were immediately impressed by both the care and attention that they received from the PARsource representative. “The company helped us select the lighting equipment that would best suit the needs of our plants,” Sant says. Since the installation, the PARsource lighting has been reliable, requiring minimal repairs and little maintenance. However, it is the company’s responsiveness that has truly cultivated a positive business relationship. When concerns do come up, PARsource has been very responsive following up until the issue is fully resolved. 

The equipment has also helped increase productivity, including reducing crop time. “When we shifted our production from impatiens to begonias, we were concerned about the longer crop time,” Sant says. “The PARsource lighting has helped to decrease the crop time by almost two weeks, increasing product turnover."