Commercial DE System

New and exclusive from PARsource, a division of Hydrofarm, the Commercial DE System is a complete state-of-the-art double-ended system, consisting of a Phantom Commercial DE Ballast, a DE1000Lh Reflector and a European Agrosun 1000W high PAR DE Bulb. This ballast-reflector combination weighs in at about 11 pounds, making it one of the lightest systems on the market.  The Commercial DE is uniquely operable either attached or remotely, allowing for maximum flexibility. The Phantom Commercial DE Ballast drives maximum PAR value. This commercial-grade ballast is designed with a high precision smart microprocessor, contributing to highly efficient operation and extremely reliable performance.  It has four-way dimming capabilities: 60%, 75%, 100% and Super Boost (up to 1150W lamp output). It features an LED status indicator, internal RF shielding, patented ignition control and end of lamp life signal.  Its auto restrike feature protects valuable lamps from damaging power interruptions. This lightweight 8-pound ballast is suitable for use in damp locations, making it ideal for both greenhouse and indoor applications. The Phantom Commercial DE Ballast comes in multiple voltages and is supported by a 3 year warranty. PARsource engaged a renowned American lighting engineer to design the DE1000 Lh Reflector, the most efficient wing-type reflector on the market.  This patent-pending reflector delivers uniform growth over a broad footprint, and effectively dissipates heat while operating the DE bulb at ideal temperatures for maximum light output and lamp life. It is constructed of premium European aluminum with a hammer-tone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity. It weighs only 3 pounds. The Agrosun 1000W DE Bulb is a premium European DE lamp with a high PAR output of 2100 mmol, ideal for growing situations that call for abundant light. The CSA/UL certified Commercial DE System also includes an 8’ 240V power cord, instructions and hanging brackets. Look no further for state-of-the art technology delivering maximum PAR value and commercial grade reliability and durability.  For more information, please visit or