Parsource Products


  • Phantom Double-Ended Ballast
    DE Commercial Electronic Ballast The Phantom Commercial Double-Ended Electronic Ballast is the premium double-ended ballast in the PARsource line. Used with the USB interface, it is uniquely operable either attached or remotely,...Learn more
  • Magnetic Ballast
    Magnetic Ballasts The PARsource Commercial Magnetic Ballast is the premium magnetic ballast in the PARsource line. Each ballast is encased in an all-aluminum housing and is powered by only the best UL/CSA-recognized...Learn more
  • Electronic Ballast
    Electronic Ballasts Electronic Ballasts Next generation electronic ballasts are more efficient compared to traditional magnetic ballasts. The internal electronic microprocessor allows the ballast to run at a higher...Learn more
  • PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast
    PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast The new PARsource Commercial Electronic Ballast is the premium single-ended electronic ballast in the PARsource line. This ballast features enhanced “Smart” light indicators for ease of maintenance...Learn more
  • Phantom Ceramic Metal Halide Digital Ballast The Phantom CMh 315W Ballast is the premium CMh ballast in the PARsource line. The ballast has a low frequency, square-wave digital ballast designed specifically for the 315W ceramic halide lamp. It...Learn more


  • DE 1000Lh Open Reflector
    Double-Ended 1000Lh Open Reflector Higher Wattage, Higher Uniformity The DE 1000Lh Reflector has been designed specifically for 1000W double-ended HPS lamps and ballasts to provide the maximum PAR value and uniform spread. The compact...Learn more
  • GLX Reflector At nearly 90% efficiency, the GLX Reflector delivers more usable light energy than any other reflector in its class. This stellar performance allows greenhouse growers to significantly reduce the...Learn more
  • GLS Reflector
    GLS Reflector Lower Wattage, Lower Clearance The GLS Reflector offers stellar performance in lower hanging applications, delivering nearly 90% efficiency for more usable light energy than any other reflector in...Learn more
  • Daystar
    Daystar AC For Growth Chambers & Climate Controlled Growing Areas The Daystar AC is the answer for those wanting high performance coupled with air cooling potential. Utilizing the same patented double-wall...Learn more
  • GLXII Reflector
    GLXII Reflector The GLXII has been designed specifically for 1000W HPS lamps to provide maximum penetration and spread. This compact design uses 95% German aluminum and performs at 90% efficiency allowing growers to...Learn more

Photoperiod Lighting

  • Beamflicker
    Beamflicker™ PARsource’s Beamflicker™ is an innovative and efficient photoperiod control light system. The Beamflicker™ has an oscillating parabolic reflector with a high-intensity sodium lamp that broadcasts...Learn more

Fluorescent Lighting

  • T5 System hung horizontally
    T5 FLT Fluorescent Lighting Series The FLT Series T5 Light system is the standard T5 system in the PARsource line. The FLT Series T5 lighting system is an energy efficient, highly reflective system that utilizes T5 fluorescent tubes...Learn more
  • Single T5 Fixture Single T5 Fluorescent Fixture The T5 High Performance Grow Light Reflector Kit includes uniquely designed hardware that allows you to link multiple reflectors together. Now you can easily create a...Learn more
  • Quantum T5 12-tube fixture
    Quantum Fluorescent T5 Lighting Systems The Quantum Commercial T5 Light system is the premium T5 system in the PARsource line. The collapsible design allows for easy setup and compact storage and uses Fulham electronic ballasts to power 54...Learn more

LED Lighting

  • powerPAR Greenhouse LED Fixture
    PowerPAR Greenhouse LED Fixture The powerPAR™ Greenhouse LED fixture is available in three power variations, (185W, 390W and 530W). It delivers a higher PPFD per watt value to the plant canopy than any other LED greenhouse fixture...Learn more
  • powerPAR™ White LED Lamp
    powerPAR™ LED Lamps powerPAR™ LED Lamps PARsource's powerPAR LED lamps deliver spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants. This advanced light source is sophisticated in technology, yet exceptionally easy to...Learn more
  • LED Growth Chamber
    Hydroponic Research Growth Chamber The Hydroponic Research Growth Chamber is a unique, all-in-one hydroponic system that is excellent for plant isolation research. The enclosed chamber includes a floating raft hydroponic system with a...Learn more
  • SolarSystem 550 Commercial Series LED The SolarSystem 550 is a greenhouse or research LED fixture with three-channel programmable spectrum control utilizing red, white, and blue portions of the light spectrum. 400 watts of power drives...Learn more
  • powerPAR LED ThinLine Panels
    powerPAR LED ThinLine Panels The powerPAR LED ThinLine Panel fixtures are designed specifically for vertical farming or rack seedling starts. The ultra-thin profile is the thinnest on the market and allows for mounting in low-...Learn more

Induction Light

  • Induction Light
    Induction Light Induction Light Fixture PARsource induction lights are similar to fluorescent lights in that they use gases, which once 'excited,' react with the phosphor that coats the tubes to produce white light...Learn more


  • Agrosun Lamps
    Agrosun (For Magnetic Ballasts ONLY) Agrosun Bulbs Exclusive to PARsource, Agrosun bulbs offer an enhanced spectrum for increased quality and growth. These specially designed bulbs promote large blooms, resulting in increased volume and...Learn more
  • GE HID Lamp
    GE High Intensity Discharge Lamps GE High Intensity Discharge Lamps GE High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps offer stable lumen and effective spectral output that is essential for supplemental greenhouse lighting. The Ecolux® HPS...Learn more
  • Agrosun Double-Ended Lamp
    Agrosun Double-Ended Lamp The Agrosun DE lamp delivers higher PAR and lumen output as well as higher lumens per watt ratings than leading competitors’ lamps, as proven by independent lab testing. With a high PAR output of...Learn more
  • GE Lux PSL 600 Watt Bulb
    GE Lucalox™ PSL Premium Horticultural Lamps The GE Lucalox™ PSL lamp is specially designed for greenhouse use. The lamps offer the benefits of stable lumen and micromole maintenance and a full spectrum content that promotes photosynthesis...Learn more

Lighting Accessories

  • Cord Sets, Cords & Sockets Cord Sets, Cords & Sockets Our remote systems start with a 5,000v pulse-rated, position-oriented, mogul socket - the highest rating of any socket on the market. Socket is mounted on our patented...Learn more
  • Internal Ballast Components Internal Ballast Components We offer premium quality ballast components. All parts are UL recognized. Ballasts include welded-on brackets for easy replacement mounting. All units 175 watts and above...Learn more
  • Long wire hanging bracket
    Light Hanging Systems Light Hanging Systems PARsource offers a variety of light hanging systems to suit your needs. Choose from our Reflector Hanging Hooks, Rope Ratchets or C-Brackets.Learn more
  • PARsource Color Correcting Safety Glasses PARsource safety glasses are specifically designed to reduce the glare from HID warm spectrum grow lamps, so you can see your plants in a more natural light. The special lens coloring makes it easier...Learn more


  • Intermatic Heavy Duty Timer, 120/240V
    Timers Timers PARsource offers three timers designed to help you automate your lighting to encourage productive growth.Learn more
  • Quantum PAR Meter
    Light Meters Light Meters Quality light meters are an essential tool in accurately determining if your crop is receiving the maximum light needed for healthy growth. A light meter allows growers an accurate means...Learn more
  • autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller
    Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller PX1 Digital Lighting Controller The Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller provides centralized, dual-zone digital control of your DE lighting, allowing you to switch, dim and boost multiple USB-...Learn more


  • Heat Mats & Controller Commercial Heat Mats Bottom heat is one of the most important and effective ways to improve germination and rooting. Our new, heavy-duty, modular, commercial heat mats will provide uniform heat for...Learn more