SE GE Lucalox™ PSL Premium Horticultural HID Lamps

GE Lux PSL 600 Watt Bulb
GE Lux PSL 600 Watt Bulb

The GE Lucalox™ PSL lamp is specially designed for greenhouse use. The lamps offer the benefits of stable lumen and micromole maintenance and a full spectrum content that promotes photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR, measured in micromole/sec) is essential for plant growth. Lucalox is available in three power wattages: 400W, 600W & 750W.Measured in micromole/sec, the increased PAR output of the Lucalox™ XO PSL lamp best simulates natural daylight to maintain plant growth under artificial lighting conditions. The PAR value of 400-750W Lucalox™ PSL products is on average 5% higher than the standard products.


  • Designed to work well with PARsource ballasts
  • Specially developed for greenhouse
  • Provide an average 5% additional PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
  • Full PAR spectrum
  • Robust constructions using extra rugged monolithic arc tubes
  • Reliable starting technology
  • High xenon-filled gas for extra light and PAR output
  • Stable lumen maintenance
  • Available in 400W, 600W and 750W
  • More resistance to main voltage fluctuations
  • Zirconium gettering system improves PAR maintenance, which promotes constant, uniform plant growth
  • The diameter of the frame wire in the lamp has been minimized to reduce shading in the installation without affecting the robustness of the lamp

GE Lucalox™ PSL Bulbs

BUSD400GE HPS PSL 400W Bulb 400 HPS 2.1K 56,500 725 Universal 28,500
BUSD600P HPS PSL 600W Bulb 600 HPS 2.1K 90,000 1100-1150 Universal 28,500
BUSD750GE HPS PSL 750W Bulb 750 HPS 2.1K 104,000 1350-1415 Universal 16,000


Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR, measured in micromole/sec) is essential for plant growth. GE Lucalox™ PSL (PhotoSynthesis Light) high pressure sodium lamps are designed to produce the best possible PAR performance—and this performance is guaranteed.

Spectral Range

Plants respond to light of varying wavelengths, which humans see as the colors of the rainbow. In general, red light causes plants to become tall and “leggy” while blue light, when used alone, can cause low, stocky growth. A proper balance of red and blue energy produces plants that have normal growth and shape.

PAR Maintenance

Under the same controlled conditions, Initial Reference PAR Value refers to the lamp light output after 100 hours of powered operation. Due to variations in systems and service conditions (in particular the burning cycle and the operating system), actual lamp performance can vary from the Initial Reference PAR Value ratings.

Performance and Reliability

In addition to the scientific technology of light output, reliability and performance have also been key factors in the development of the Lucalox™ PSL lamp range. Robust construction, reliable starting technology and improved lumen maintenance ensure peace of mind against early lamp failures and provide the consistency demanded for perfect growing conditions.

Typical Lamp Survival

Typical Lamp Survival

Typical PAR Maintenance

Typical PAR Maintenance