Quantum Fluorescent T5 Lighting Systems

Quantum T5 12-tube fixture
Quantum T5 12-tube fixture


The Quantum Commercial T5 Light system is the premium T5 system in the PARsource line. The collapsible design allows for easy setup and compact storage and uses Fulham electronic ballasts to power 54 watt, 4 foot long T5 lamps for high efficiency and long life. The Quantum T5 features a shallow profile, very low heat, a wider bulb spread, and high quality German glass coated aluminum reflectors. The low profile, low heat, and wider spread allows you to place the light closer to the tops of the plants, delivering 28% more lumens on a wide coverage area. Engineered with broader angles, these reflectors allow more light from the backside of the bulb to reflect onto the plants and penetrate deeper into the canopy without being obstructed by the bulb itself. Each unit is UL rated and comes with a standard 120V cord and plug and can run on 240V with the purchase of an optional 240V cord and plug. Optional lamps allow you to choose from two different lamp spectrums (2900K or 6500K) to meet your specific growing needs.


  • Variety of lamp configurations to fit many growing needs High quality German glass coated aluminum reflectors for higher output
  • Low profile; 28% more lumens at plant level
  • 30% more efficient than comparable T5 models
  • UL Listed components
  • Patented folding design for easy storage and lower transportation costs
  • Dual on/off switches on 6 and 8 tube, and three switches for 12-tube fixtures to regulate light output
  • Designed to be used with 2900K or 6500K Quantum T5 bulbs, but will light any manufacturer's bulbs
  • 120/240V Smart-volt out of the box (120V cord included, 240V cord optional)
  • 5-year ballast warranty, 1-year bulb and reflector warranty


  • Fixture with 120V power cord
  • (2) Hanging brackets


  • 240V 8' power cord (for 240V applications) - SKU: BACD6
  • Quantum T5 4' 2.9K Lamps (Box of 8) - SKU: BLB023
  • Quantum T5 4' 6.5K Lamps (Box of 8) - SKU: BLB021

Quantum Fluorescent T5 System Specifications

        120V 240V      
QT5004 4 ft. - 4 Tube T5 120/240V/60Hz 216W 1.94 0.97 8 ft. 6.50 lbs. 46.26"L x 12.00"W x 3.46"H
QT5004277 4 ft. - 4 Tube T5 277V/60Hz 216W 0.84A 8 ft. 6.50 lbs. 46.26"L x 12.00"W x 3.46"H
QT5006 4 ft. - 6 Tube T5 120/240V/60Hz 324W 2.92 1.46 8 ft. 9.25 lbs. 46.26"L x 17.72"W x 3.46"H
QT5008 4 ft. - 8 Tube T5 120/240V/60Hz 432W 3.88 1.94 8 ft. 11.75 lbs. 46.26"L x 23.50"W x 3.46"H
  4 ft. - 8 Tube T5 277V/60Hz 432W 1.68A 8 ft. 11.75 lbs. 46.26"L x 23.50"W x 3.46"H
QT5012 4 ft. - 12 Tube T5 120/240V/60Hz 648W 5.83 2.92 8 ft. 16.90 lbs. 46.26"L x 35.08"W x 3.46"H

Quantum T5 Fluorescent Bulb Specifications 

BLB023 Quantum 4 ft. 2900K Grow Lamps, Box of 8 2.9K 216W
BLB021 Quantum 4 ft. 6500K Grow Lamps, Box of 8 6.5K 324W