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Electronic Ballast
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Electronic Ballasts

Next generation electronic ballasts are more efficient compared to traditional magnetic ballasts. The internal electronic microprocessor allows the ballast to run at a higher working frequency resulting in a higher lumen output. The higher output means you can run fewer fixtures and save on energy and equipment costs when compared to traditional magnetic ballasts. Fully equipped with a patented BAREF connector and a universal reflector adapter, all protected with our unsurpassed two year warranty. Powers both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. Ask PARsource representative for proper bulb pairings.


  • More lumen output & more energy efficient than magnetic ballasts
  • Run fewer fixtures for same light, resulting in equipment & energy savings
  • Silent operation
  • Smaller, lighter weight
    –7 to 11 lbs.; easier to install
    –Less shadow on greenhouse crop
  • For use with metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps
    –Added flexibility for specific light wavelength selection
  • Wall mount or hang
  • Available in 400, 600, 750 and 1000W
  • Available voltages: 120, 208, 240, 277, 347 volts (Lead time may vary for specific voltages)
  • Patented Lock & Seal Plug System
  • Sealed ballast for greenhouse environments
  • Some combinations are CSA or UL listed
  • 2-year warranty on ballast components
  • 1-year warranty on 1000W/277V ballast


  • Ballast with lamp cord
  • 8' power cord and plug to match requested voltage
  • Remote ballast system
  • “C” brackets
  • Hanging bar


  • Extension cord for remote applications (Item: CSXCORD)

PARsource Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts must be used with GLX55031A and GLS55100A reflectors. Remote ballasts must be used with CSXCORD extension cord.

GLE1120 Remote 1000W/120V Electronic Ballast 120V 1000 9.90 10.5 7.25"W x 10.5"L x 4.3"H
GLE1120A Attached
GLE1240 Remote 1000W/240V Electronic Ballast 208V/240V 1000 5.14/4.42 10.5 7.25"W x 10.5"L x 4.3"H
GLE1240A Attached
GLE1277* Remote 1000W/277V Electronic Ballast 277V 1000 3.90 7 7.65" W x 9.25" L x 4.3" H
GLE1277A* Attached
GLE1347 Remote 1000W/347V Electronic Ballast 347V 1000 3.09 7 7.65" W x 9.25" L x 4.3" H
GLE1347A Attached
GLE6120 Remote 600W/120V Electronic Ballast 120V 600 5.5 10.5 7.25" W x 10.5" L x 4.3" H
GLE6120A Attached
GLE6240 Remote 600W/240V Electronic Ballast 240V 600 3.12/2.72 10.5 7.25" W x 10.5" L x 4.3" H
GLE6240A Attached
GLE6277** Remote 600W/277V Electronic Ballast  277V  600  2.40  7.65"W x 9.25"L x 4.3'H 
GLE6277A** Attached
GLE6347** Remote 600W/347V Electronic Ballast  347V  600  1.91  7   7.65"W x 9.25"L x 4.3'H  
GLE6347A** Attached 
GLE4120 Remote  400W/120V Electronic Ballast  120V   400  3.6  7.75  

4.5"W x 10.5"L x 4.5"H 

GLE4120A Attached 
GLE4240 Remote 400W/240V Electronic Ballast 240V 400 2.07/1.80 7.75 4.5"W x 10.5"L x 4.5"H
GLE4240A Attached

* 1-year warranty
** Special order - may require minimums and lead time