Lighting Cabinet

Lighting Cabinet
Lighting Cabinet

The PARsource Lighting panel and cabinet is designed and built to your specific greenhouse lighting project. The cabinet is UL/CSA rated and comes with a full set of engineered submittal specifications and drawings. The panels include high quality components that are rated for demanding HID and other greenhouse lights ensuring the proper performance when compared to standard lighting panels. The panels are enclosed in your choice of metal or non-metallic NEMA rated cabinets with cooling fans to ensure equipment protection and safety and proper performance. Optional add-ons include voltage monitoring and data logging, run time meters, manual shut offs and over voltage shut-offs. Each panel is designed to easily connected with any known greenhouse controller.

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  • Custom designed and built for your specific lighting project
  • Greenhouse light rated components to ensure proper performance
  • Engineered specifications and drawings specific to  your project
  • Cabinet cooling fans to ensure proper performance of components
  • Choice of metallic or non-metallic cabinets for safety and protection
  • Optional add-ons available for monitoring and safety shut-offs
  • Easily connected to all known greenhouse controllers
  • UL/CSA approved


  • Panel cabinet
  • Custom designed electrical panel
  • Engineered drawings


  • Voltage monitor
  • Over voltage shut-off monitor
  • Digital voltage meter
  • Voltage data logger
  • Hour run time meter
  • Manual on/off switches
  • Site lighting electrical plans

Lighting Cabinet

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0 Voltage monitor with over voltage shutdown
0 Voltage Data-logger
0  Digital Voltage Meter
0 Manual On/Off /Auto select switch
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