Heat Mats & Controller

Commercial Heat Mat (60" x 21")

Commercial Heat Mats

Bottom heat is one of the most important and effective ways to improve germination and rooting. Our new, heavy-duty, modular, commercial heat mats will provide uniform heat for hundreds of seedlings or cuttings.


Seedling Heat Mats

The new, stronger heating wire and thicker, multi-layer construction offer more uniform heating and the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments.


Temperature Controller

This digital temperature control device allows gardeners to select and maintain optimum rooting temperatures for faster seedling or cutting growth.


Heat Mats

  • Increases success of seedlings and cuttings
  • Warms root area 10-20ºF over ambient temperature to improve germination
  • Light, watering and planting information on mat
  • Waterproof construction
  • 6' power cord
  • Commercial Heat Mats: Daisy-chain up to four mats together; control and regulate all four with one Temperature Controller
  • The only UL Listed seedling heat mats on the market



  • Water resistant stainless steel temperature probe
  • Provides constant optimum temperatures for crops
  • Controls temperature in cold and warm environments
  • Illuminated indicator light
  • Three-prong grounded plug
  • Compatible with all heat mats

Heat Mats & Controller

 Commercial  MTMDU Commercial Heat Mat - 180W, 6' Power Cord 60" x 21"
MTMDA Modular Add-on Commercial Heat Mat  60" x 21"
 Seedling MT10006  Seedling Heat Mat  9" x 191/2" ~ 17W
MT10008 Seedling Heat Mat  20" x 20" ~ 45W
MT10009 Seedling Heat Mat  48" x 20" ~ 107W
Controller MTPRTC Heat Mat Thermostat - Digital Temperature Controller 8.1"L x 6.0"W x 2.1"H