GLXII Reflector

GLXII Reflector
GLXII Reflector with Attached Ballast

The GLXII has been designed to provide maximum penetration and spread. This compact design uses 95% German aluminum and performs at 90% efficiency allowing growers to significantly reduce the number of fixtures needed for growing success. Our reflector designs are initiated by grower feedback, and implemented by our team of engineers premier lighting design engineers. The result is the best combination of efficiency (highest amount of light) and uniformity (no hot spots) on the market.


  • Uses German 95% reflective material
  • Hammertone material provides better diffusion and light penetration
  • Delivers broad, even coverage from a minimal mixture footprint
  • New improved design
  • Compact for less light blockage with large, even light spread
  • Cooling ridge for better heat dissipation without losing efficiency
  • 90% efficiency
  • Delivers more usable light than any other reflector in its class
  • Remote or attached ballasts
  • Used in higher hanging applications
  • Used with
    - higher wattage lamps
    - 1000W Metal Halide lamps
    - 1000W Hiigh Pressure Sodium lamps
  • 1-year reflector warranty


  • Reflector frame, attachment socket and chamber, and BAREF attachment cord (for remote or attached applications)


  • Hanging hooks (GLX55021) – For use only with remote systems
  • Glass lens system (GLX2LENSYS) – Increases safety and helps keep bulb and reflective surfaces clean
GLX55032A GLXII Reflector w/ Socket 5 lbs 13.58"W x 21.29"L x 8.46"H
GLX2LENSYS Lens System* 2.20 lbs 15.50"W x 11.41"L x 0.39"H
GLX55021 Hanging Hooks* .10 1" W x 2.5" L x 6.5" H

*GLXII Lens System is optional. Please order separately if needed.

*Hanging Hooks are optional. Please order separately if needed.