Double-Ended 1000Lh Open Reflector

DE 1000Lh Open Reflector
DE 1000Lh Open Reflector

Higher Wattage, Higher Uniformity

The DE 1000Lh Reflector has been designed specifically for 1000W double-ended HPS lamps and ballasts to provide the maximum PAR value and uniform spread. The compact size incorporates 95% European hammertone aluminum with a reflector engineered to deliver 94% efficiency allowing growers to significantly reduce the number of fixtures needed for growing success.

Performance, Reliability & Value

Our reflector designs are initiated by grower feedback, and implemented by our team of engineers in conjunction with premier lighting design engineers. The result is the best combination of efficiency (highest amount of light) and uniformity (no hot spots) on the market.


  • Delivers maximum PAR value with incredible uniformity
  • Small footprint minimizes shading
  • Lightweight for minimal hanging and structure load
  • Open, winged design for optimum heat management and longer lamp life
  • Exclusive Lock and Seal connector allows attached or remote installations
  • Snap in and out reflector
  • 1-year warranty


  • Reflector, housing, and specular
  • Ballast mounting brackets for attached operation
  • Hanging eye hooks for remote operation


  • Hanging Chain 

Application Notes: 

  • Use with Commercial 1000W DE ballasts and compatible 1000W HPS double-ended lamps*


PHRW010 DE 1000Lh Reflector 2.82 lbs 9.25"W x 18.25"L x 2.5"H

 * Contact your PARsource representative for a list of compatible double-ended lamps.