Digilux Pro Double-Ended HPS High Par Lamp

Digilux Pro Double-Ended High Par Lamp
Digilux Pro Double-Ended High Par Lamp

The Digilux DX1000DE double-ended HPS lamp combines high efficiency with superior lamp life expectancy. Its 2000K color temperature and 2100 μmol/s PAR rating make it an excellent choice for any application where high intensity DE sodium lighting is required for commercial applications.140,000 lumens (@100 hours) and 10,000-hour rated life, this lamp is ideal for commercial cultivation with high light intensity requirements. 


  • 2100 μmol/s High PAR output
  • Long lamp life with minimal depreciation
  • Quality components for increased durability


DX1000DE Digilux Pro 1000W DE High Par Lamp
Bulb Designation T10
Bulb Diameter 32 mm max
Overall Length (MOL) 394 mm max
Package wt 0.5 Lbs
Package Dimensions 16.1L x 2.4W x 2.4H
Lamp Wattage 1000w
Socket Pulse Rating 5 KV
Operating Voltage 250v


Rated Initial Lumens at 100 hrs  
Kelvin Temperature 2000K
CRI 22
Lumen Output 140,000
Lumens per watt 140
Means Output (Lumens) 119,000
PAR Value (PPF) 2100 μmols
Warm-up Time 4 mins
Hot restrike time 3-5 mins
Burning Position Horizontal ±15°

This lamp can cause skin burn and eye inflammation from short wave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do not use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions... Specifically designed for high frequency electronic ballasts (>100KHz):Install the new lamp with the getter near the ballast, with the glass vacuum seal pointed downwards or sideways.