Quality meters are essential tools in determining if your crop is receiving the appropriate light and environmental conditions for healthy growth.


Quantam PAR Meter LGBQM2

  • Measures PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) flux in wavelengths ranging from the 400 to 700 nm
  • Fully portable handheld light meter
  • Measures up to 10,000 in units of micromole per meter squared per second (umol/m2/s) which is also called Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)
  • Tethers to computers via USB cable for easy data logging
  • Proprietary Quantum Sensor
  • Ultra-low power consumption with built-in low battery indicator
  • Proprietary data logging software
  • Response curve is almost constant (versus Gaussian for digital meters) which yields a much higher accuracy independent of wavelength being measured- great for measuring LED light correctly

Active Air Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Hygrometer HGIOHT

Large display shows current temperature and humidity level
Includes remote probe for second zone temperature
Records high and low points for temperature and humidity

Digital Light Meter LG17010

Measures grow light or sunlight
Measures up to 5,000 footcandles
Three scales for precise readings
Convenient hand-held remote sensor
Lifetime silicone cell – includes battery, informative booklet with lighting recommendations and case

Light Meters
LGBQM2PHOTOBIO Advanced Quantum PAR Meter0.8 lbs.The Advanced Quantum PAR Meter provides accurate and cost-effective measurement for all light sources used to grow plants.  The PHOTOBIO by Phantom Quantum PAR meter is designed to measure PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) flux in wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700nm. There is a proportional relationship between the number of photons absorbed in 400 to 700nm band and the rate of photosynthesis in plants, which is important for horticultural studies and monitoring plant physiology.
HGIOHTActive Air Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer w/Hygrometer0.3 lbs.Active Air’s indoor-outdoor thermometer gives you more. Made of sturdy materials to stand up to the climate of your indoor grow room, this essential tool features a large display to read the current temperature and humidity levels. A remote probe allows you to sample two temperatures at once. Record the high and low points for both temperature and humidity.
LG17010Digital Light Meter (Footcandles)0.8 lbs.The three precise scales on this hand-held sensor measure grow lights and sunlight.