Lighting Rebates

LED Rebates – How we can help.

Lighting for any horticultural operation can be a large capital expenditure as well as an ongoing operational expense. LED’s are a great way to reduce annual electrical usage and related HVAC concerns, but the upfront cost for LED lighting can be more expensive than older, traditional lighting solutions. Over a few years, the savings from using LED’s can offset  their initial cost disadvantage over HID lighting.  Payback time is related to facility type, cultivation practices and regional considerations. However, with pre-installation approval many electric utilities offer rebate programs for commercial operations during build out  or retrofit that can greatly reduce your initial purchase costs.  
The process of applying for rebates begins before lights are purchased. Our team will review and discuss with you what potential exists in your region, give you estimated comparison of potential savings and  an overview of the process. Typically, if located in a eligible utility district, custom measure rebates should be applied for during the planning stages and well before purchase.  During the quote phase of your project, if potential exists, we will engage industry experts on your behalf to assist in navigating and maximizing the application process between you and your utility.
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