Welcome to PARsource Lighting Solutions

Our History

PARsource has over 28 years of experience in the horticulture and lighting industry. Over the years, our work with commercial growers, universities and researchers has made us a recognized leader when it comes to greenhouse lighting.

PARsource Innovations

Since 1991, PARsource has developed and brought to market a range of the best  horticultural lighting available. Our in-house staff works with lighting experts to develop and apply new technologies from concept to finished product.   At the same time, we continue to support, refine and build on traditional product lines. As a result, PARsource offers some of the most efficient light fixtures along with a range of traditional solutions.


PARsource's parent company, Hydrofarm, Inc., has been in business under the same leadership for over 40 years. With continuous growth, Hydrofarm now has nine distribution and sales locations in North America, together with distribution partnerships abroad.

The PARsource Difference

PARsource provides customized lighting layouts that calculate and illustrate your greenhouse needs based on your unique structure, crop and region. The result is an efficient, professional light design that is easy to comprehend and minimizes costs while maximizing results.

Quality and Performance

At PARsource, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every installation we sell  meets or exceeds your expectations for quality and performance. Engineered to deliver, our lighting components combine with our custom designs to provide you with the optimal solution to meet your growing needs.


PARsource sells high quality wholesale commercial products through distribution channels to growers, farmers, and researchers. Become a PARsource Distributor sales@parsource.com